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Prepended to the Content.

Whew! is the one-word summation after reading this detailed and referenced work on BAASS/MUFON/Pentagon relationships in the 21st century. Curt Collins partners with researcher Roger Glassel to produce a far-reaching expose that will take us some time fully to digest. And Collins and Glassel promise a sequel “tentatively titled: ‘Breaking the Silence: The Pentagon UFO Program’s Secret Partner Speaks,'” featuring comments from some of the principals in the relationship. While elucidating such seemingly-Byzantine arrangements and specifics don’t speak directly to the core UFO phenomenon, they certainly help illustrate how elaborate formal efforts have been to study it. And certain elements in the saga seem to have been foreordained, while other results are unsurprising. We’ll be interested in Billy Cox’ reactions to this article, when he gets hold of it. In the meantime, his Drowning My Fears in Bacon yanks us firmly into the speculative present, though it’s a set of separate ruminations that at first might seem unconnected. (WM)

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